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About Norkram / History

Norkram Limited was formed in April 1994 by Mark Cruttenden and Ron Slater to solve the 'Thread Protector Problem'- the problem of disposing of used thread protectors in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner - for a major Norwegian oil company.

The simple, and still the most effective, solution: clean and test the used protectors and send them back for reuse.

The company originally started operating in Newburgh, north of Aberdeen, where the cleaning and testing processes were determined and refined, and within a very short space of time a production line was in place. The first order of 1500 sets of 7' NK3SB thread protectors were shipped to the NKK steel mill in Japan soon after.

Our customer base expanded over the next few years, until we were supplying refurbished protectors and bumper rings to most of the oil companies and threading workshops in the north east of Scotland and various overseas locations.

By 1998, it was evident the building in Newburgh could not facilitate the continued expansion of the company so new premises were sought. Longside Airfield Industrial Estate, near Peterhead, gave us exactly what we required. 8,000 metresĀ² of outside storage and 1,000 metresĀ² of workshop and inside storage.

A new semi-automatic cleaning machine was installed allowing us to increase production rates in line with the increasing customer base.

In 2002, we installed a plastics granulator, allowing us to recycle unusable protectors to high-density polyethylene (HDPE) chips.

Early 2007 we purchased a shredding machine to speed up the granulating process. Norkram have supplied our products to every country in the North Sea area and have shipped refurbished protectors to steel mills in Scotland, Japan, Mexico and Italy for reuse.

Currently we supply refurbished and new thread protectors and associated tubular protection products and services to the majority of the oil companies, threading shops and tubular service and supply companies in the region.

We are also proud to say that since the end of 2013, we manufacture our own bumper rings from the recycled material we create. This is an additional outlet for the plastic from unusable protectors. Sales of our bumper rings started well, and have continued to grow over the last year and a half.

Our aim for the future is to help all oil and gas companies and related businesses in OCTG around the world reach their environmental targets and reduce costs.