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Disposal of thread protectorsNorkram is a re-cycling facility for thread protectors, transport frames, and bumper rings. We aim to keep these products out of landfill in line with our environmental policy. When used protectors reach us, we separate them by size, connection, and manufacturer and this information is recorded for our records, and our customers’ records.

The protectors will follow one of two routes from here:

  1. If the protector is irretrievably damaged after initial inspection, we will dispose of it by "chipping". The re-grind and pellets will either go straight back into the plastics industry for recycling, or we retain it for manufacturing our own brand Bumper Rings.
  2. If the protectors are deemed re-usable, we will retain these in our stock for future refurbishment and re-supply.

Keeping and re-using the protectors is of great benefit to the environment, and is a budget saver for oil and gas companies, as there are no disposal costs applied to retained product. Contact us for more info.