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In the case that the protectors are unusable, another option to solve the protector problem is to recycle the thread protectors back to their original materials: plastic and steel.

Norkram have invested in the equipment to carry out this process, namely;

  1. Guillotinea guillotine to separate plastic from steel, in composite protectors

  2. Shreddera shredder to reduce high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to 30mm chips

  3. Granulatora granulator to further reduce the chips to 10mm

This process is labour intensive. The thread protectors have to be thoroughly cleaned. After separation of the steel and HDPE the plastic is wiped to remove any remaining traces of rust prior to shredding.

Recycled steel goes to a scrap merchant for processing, and reground plastic goes back to the plastics industry creating a completely recyclable loop for these materials.