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Refurbished Thread Protectors in StorageWhen scheduled, the sorted protectors in the yard will be taken into our facility for refurbishment and will go through the following process:

  1. The dirty protectors are received into the holding area, segregated according by size and thread type, and stored prior to cleaning.
  2. The dirty protectors are cleaned using our semi-automatic Hot Water Wash system to remove the grease and debris.
  3. The cleaned protectors are then visually inspected for damage, out of roundness, etc. Severely damaged protectors are rejected and placed in disposal containers, ready for recycling.
  4. Minor repairs to the protectors are carried out where necessary.
  5. Each protector must be function tested on a suitable pin or box test connection. The protectors MUST fit correctly, otherwise they are rejected for recycling.
  6. The protectors are then wiped with BAS 40 to remove any remaining traces of grease and stains.
  7. Protectors which pass the above procedure, are then securely packed, marked with size, connection and type, and moved to transit or storage areas.

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