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Delivering environmental pipe protection solutions to the oil & gas industry
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Oil and Gas Pipe Protection

Serving the Oil & Gas Industry since 1994

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Environmental Pipe Protection Supplies

Helping the oil & gas industry reduce costs and protect the environment for over 20 years

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Leaders in Pipe Protection

Supplier of thread protectors, bumper rings and transport frames

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Reduce Landfill

We refurbish your used thread protectors and bumper rings

Norkram - Pipe Protection Services

Norkram Limited was formed in April 1994 to solve the 'Thread Protector Problem'- the problem of disposing of used thread protectors in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner for a major Norwegian oil company.

The simple, and still the most effective, solution: clean and test the used protectors and send them back for reuse.

Norkram have supplied our products to every country in the North Sea area and have shipped new and refurbished protectors to steel mills in Scotland, Japan, Mexico and Italy for reuse.

Currently we supply refurbished and new thread protectors, manufactured bumper rings, and associated tubular protection products and services to the majority of the oil companies, threading shops and tubular service and supply companies in the north east of Scotland and beyond.

Helping the environment

Helping The Environment

Serving the Oil & Gas Industry. Helping protect the Environment by:

  • Reducing Landfill
  • Reusing Protectors
  • Recycling Plastic and Steel


Reduce plastic and steel landfill waste by refurbishing used thread protectors and bumper rings.



Reuse plastic thread protectors and bumper rings by refurbishing.



complete recycling of damaged protectors and bumber rings.