Norkram Pipe Wire Brushing & Coating System

The Norkram brushing and coating unit is a portable solution for the removal of external rust, loose coating & scale and applying a UV cure coating (Mill Varnish) on your pipe, on-site, anywhere around the globe.

When pipe is stored for long periods of time in an outdoor space, it will inevitably rust and potentially loose traceability. The usual method of refurbishment is to have the pipe transported offsite for either brushing or shot blasting and then coating. It then needs to be loaded and transported back to site. This is a lot of handling and transport.

With the Norkram brushing and coating unit, all of this can be done on site which negates the need for excess transport and makes the process quicker and more cost effective. Also maintaining traceability of the pipe markings back to Mill Certificates is essential.

With the use of UV light technology, our coating will cure in minutes ensuring that when the pipe has passed through, the coating will be completely dry, protecting the pipe and the markings.

As the unit is completely containerised, Norkram can transport it easily to your pipe yard anywhere in the world and complete the rejuvenation of your pipe in a quick and efficient manner without having to handle pipe more than is necessary, saving time and money.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • On-Site brushing and coating – No need for unnecessary handling or transport
  • Fully transportable and compact
  • Cost effective
  • Protecting the pipe and the mill markings
  • Thicker than mill applied coating – longer lasting protection

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