Norkram Flexi-Lance

The Norkram Flexi-Lance is an efficient way to prepare pipe at inspection facilities for rig site delivery.

The system is designed to take the manual handling element out of drifting, cleaning, and drying the bore of pipe, which reduces the chance of injury, and will increase productivity.

The system can be supplied fully with pressure washers, or if your facility already owns a pressure washer, we can supply the lance unit only.

Norkram have sold these systems to large inspection facilities around the world. The Flexi-Lance can also be adapted to clean the bore of Drill Pipe returns from off-shore locations. It can completely remove drilling mud residue with a single pass.

Flexi Lance Process Flow

The system can be tailored to the layout the customers facility and can even be skid mounted for ease of portability.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduce manual handling & potentially reduce HSE incidents
  • Increase productivity
  • Cost effective
  • Better quality cleaning

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