Norkram Limited is committed to protecting the environment, and preventing any adverse environmental impact arising from the work it carries out, either directly or indirectly.

To achieve this, a philosophy of continuous review and assessment of impacts and related work methods will be established, to allow the Company to identify opportunities to continually improve their environmental performance.

Norkram Limited shall ensure that this policy is implemented at all levels of the organisation, and this shall be achieved by:

  • Identifying and complying with legislative and other requirements with respect to the environment pertinent to our business activities
  • Identifying the aspects and impacts associated with the organisations activities, and committing to mitigate where possible, and minimise significant environmental impacts arising from our business activities
  • Implementing effective planning, risk assessment, and operational control measures to prevent pollution
  • Committing to fully investigate any incidences of pollution , ensuring precedence is given to preventive actions for identified root cause to prevent their recurrence
  • Adequate resources are provided and clear roles and responsibilities for environmental management are defined and communicated within the organisation
  • Continually monitoring environmental performance, with objectives & targets being set to ensure improvement
  • Communicating with and involving all personnel and contractors, where applicable, on environmental matters

In line with the above policy, we even wash and reuse the rags soiled in the refurbishing process.

Employees and clients must have a positive commitment to environmental matters if this is to be achieved.

Ron Slater – Managing Director