Norkram DNV
Pipe Lifting System

The Norkram Pipe Lifting System is a DNV approves modular lifting appliance for the safe and efficient movement of OCTG and drill pipe for the off-shore industry

It is rated for 7.5 tonnes and can be adjusted to suit centralisers and other tools on the pipe.

The system can be provided for a large size range of pipe. We have even modified so that 2 different sizes of pipe can be moved in one bundle

These can be rented from Norkram or sold.

Make-up & Manufacturing

The NPLS is manufactured by Norkram’s daughter company Taylor and Son Engineering, using high grade carbon steel and is painted using a 2 coat off-shore paint spec.

The system is approved to DNV 2.7-3, which means that it is tested to a rigorous standard and witnessed by DNV engineers all the way through the build

Supplied as a modular system, NPLS is space efficient for transport and is easy to put together.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Modular and easy to handle
  • Package efficient
  • Cost effective rental – including sling set for each bundle
  • DNV approved and supplied complete with certification

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