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Thread Protectors

A thread protector is a screw on cap that helps prevent damage to the threads of OCTG and drill pipe.

The types, designs, and manufacturers of thread protectors are many and varied, and we have refurbished most of them.

Types of Thread Protector

  • Open End Thread ProtectorsOpen End - where the threads and pipe ends are protected but the bore of the pipe is open to the atmosphere. These are primarily used for protecting the thread during shot blasting or cleaning the bore, or for drifting the ID of the pipe.

  • Closed End Non Liftable Thread ProtectorsClosed End Non-Liftable (CENL) - which protect the thread and pipe ends, and also prevent any ingress of water, moisture and debris by sealing the pipe ends.

  • Closed End Liftable Thread ProtectorsClosed End Liftable (CEL) - which are the same as the above, closed end protectors, but also allow the pipe to be lifted using pipe hooks.

Thread Protector Designs

Connection or Thread Type.
This is the design of the thread on the pipe which determines the protector. There are various designs to cater for API and proprietary connections. (See stock below)

Wall Thickness or Weight.
In some cases protectors differ within a given size depending on wall thickness (or poundage / weight) of the pipe.


  • Plastic protectors - 100% plastic
  • Composite protectors - steel reinforced plastic
  • Encapsulated – Plastic moulded around an internal metal structure

Protector Stock

Norkram have tens of thousands of protectors in stock at any one time. We have a huge variety, ranging from 23/8” to 36” in different types, designs and manufacturers. Readily available are protectors for API tool-joints, tubing and casing plus protectors for proprietary connection manufacturers, including:

  • Vam Family from Vallourec and Sumitomo
  • NSCC, NSCT – Ex Nippon Steel
  • Fox, Bear from JFE and Hunting – Ex Kawasaki
  • 3SB, AMS, Blue, series from Tenaris
  • SLX, PH6, 500 series from Hydril/Tenaris
  • TCII, HT series from Grant Prideco
  • All sizes of API Tool Joint Protectors
  • All sizes of proprietary Tool Joint Protectors

We can provide protectors for the above connections, both new and refurbished as required by our customers. Our suppliers for new stock are all API approved to ensure compliance and quality.

We can also quote for the manufacture of specialist protectors.

Our stocks are constantly changing and updating. Contact us for stock, connection, and / or manufacturing queries.

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