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Returns Service

What do you do with used thread protectors? Do you put them to landfill? That is a costly exercise. And environmentally damaging. Most operators in the North Sea use Norkram as an alternative to landfill.

Not only is it a more cost effective way to dispose of thread protectors, but it also guarantees that none of them go to landfill. You can rest assured that they will either be reused or recycled.


  • Protectors are received in containers from an off-shore location
  • Containers are emptied by our operators
  • Contents are sorted by:
    • Connection Type
    • Size
    • Colour
    • Manufacturer
    • Pin / Box
    • Good / Damaged
  • A report is then sent to the customer detailing their returns
  • Customers are only charged for protectors why we can’t reuse.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • More cost effective than landfill
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Goes towards your ISO 14001 accreditation
  • For purchasing, refurbished protectors are better value compared with new products

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Norkram DNV
Pipe Lifting System

The Norkram Pipe Lifting System is a DNV approves modular lifting appliance for the safe and efficient movement of OCTG and drill pipe for the off-shore industry

It is rated for 7.5 tonnes and can be adjusted to suit centralisers and other tools on the pipe.

The system can be provided for a large size range of pipe. We have even modified so that 2 different sizes of pipe can be moved in one bundle

These can be rented from Norkram or sold.

Make-up & Manufacturing

The NPLS is manufactured by Norkram’s daughter company Taylor and Son Engineering, using high grade carbon steel and is painted using a 2 coat off-shore paint spec.

The system is approved to DNV 2.7-3, which means that it is tested to a rigorous standard and witnessed by DNV engineers all the way through the build

Supplied as a modular system, NPLS is space efficient for transport and is easy to put together.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Modular and easy to handle
  • Package efficient
  • Cost effective rental – including sling set for each bundle
  • DNV approved and supplied complete with certification

Please enquire to or or call us on +44 (0)1779 838800

Norkram Pipe Wire Brushing & Coating System

The Norkram brushing and coating unit is a portable solution for the removal of external rust, loose coating & scale and applying a UV cure coating (Mill Varnish) on your pipe, on-site, anywhere around the globe.

When pipe is stored for long periods of time in an outdoor space, it will inevitably rust and potentially loose traceability. The usual method of refurbishment is to have the pipe transported offsite for either brushing or shot blasting and then coating. It then needs to be loaded and transported back to site. This is a lot of handling and transport.

With the Norkram brushing and coating unit, all of this can be done on site which negates the need for excess transport and makes the process quicker and more cost effective. Also maintaining traceability of the pipe markings back to Mill Certificates is essential.

With the use of UV light technology, our coating will cure in minutes ensuring that when the pipe has passed through, the coating will be completely dry, protecting the pipe and the markings.

As the unit is completely containerised, Norkram can transport it easily to your pipe yard anywhere in the world and complete the rejuvenation of your pipe in a quick and efficient manner without having to handle pipe more than is necessary, saving time and money.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • On-Site brushing and coating – No need for unnecessary handling or transport
  • Fully transportable and compact
  • Cost effective
  • Protecting the pipe and the mill markings
  • Thicker than mill applied coating – longer lasting protection

Please enquire to or or call us on +44 (0)1779 838800

Norkram Flexi-Lance

The Norkram Flexi-Lance is an efficient way to prepare pipe at inspection facilities for rig site delivery.

The system is designed to take the manual handling element out of drifting, cleaning, and drying the bore of pipe, which reduces the chance of injury, and will increase productivity.

The system can be supplied fully with pressure washers, or if your facility already owns a pressure washer, we can supply the lance unit only.

Norkram have sold these systems to large inspection facilities around the world. The Flexi-Lance can also be adapted to clean the bore of Drill Pipe returns from off-shore locations. It can completely remove drilling mud residue with a single pass.

Flexi Lance Process Flow

The system can be tailored to the layout the customers facility and can even be skid mounted for ease of portability.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduce manual handling & potentially reduce HSE incidents
  • Increase productivity
  • Cost effective
  • Better quality cleaning

Please enquire to or or call us on +44 (0)1779 838800

Bumper Rings

Bumper rings are another form of pipe protection product designed to stop pipe from touching / banging together along the the body length during transport and handling / bundling.

Our bumper rings are manufactured on-site and are made from the plastic which we recycle from thread protectors. This ensures that the plastic we use is of the best quality given it’s previous use. And is environmentally friendly given that there is no waste and no miles attached to the plastic (meaning almost carbon neutral production given there is no transport for raw materials)


The bumper ring is coiled plastic construction and is made to fit snugly around the pipe. This ensures there will be no contact between pipes meaning no metal to metal contamination.

The design of our outer profile also means that the ring is extremely stable on the pipe and does not spring off.

The material is predominantly HDPE which is from our own recycled stock.

Types & Colours

Unlike thread protectors, bumper rings do not have any kind of connection compatibility issues. But they can come in different thicknesses and heights to help protect:

  • Large OD Couplings
  • Centralisers
  • Tool Joints
  • Down Hole Tools

With the above in mind, we can manufacture bumper rings to customer specifications. They can also be manufactured in a range of corporate colours.


The size of the bumper rings correlate directly to the outer diameter of the pipe. If the OD of the pipe is 13.3/8”, the ID of the bumper ring will also be 13.3/8”.

Sizes range from 2.3/8” up to 20” and all sizes in between. As mentioned above, we cam manufacture ID’s specific to customer requirements.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Protects pipe from damage in transit or while bundling
  • Designed to be very stable on the pipe body
  • Manufactured from excellent quality recycled material
  • Can manufacture bumper rings specific to your needs

Please enquire to or call us on +44 (0)1779 838800.

Refurbished Protectors

A thread protector is a screw on cap that helps prevent damage to the threads of OCTG and drill pipe.

The types, designs, and manufacturers of thread protectors are many and varied, and we have refurbished most of them.

Types of Thread Protector

  • Open End – where the threads and pipe ends are protected but the bore of the pipe is open to the atmosphere. These are primarily used for protecting the thread during shot blasting or cleaning the bore, or for drifting the ID of the pipe.
  • Closed End Non-Liftable (CENL) – which protect the thread and pipe ends, and also prevent any ingress of water, moisture and debris by sealing the pipe ends.
  • Closed End Liftable (CEL) – which are the same as the above, closed end protectors, but also allow the pipe to be lifted using pipe hooks

Pin & Box

There can be some confusion about pin & box terminology when it comes to thread protectors:

  • PIN – Male thread on pipe
  • PIN PROTECTOR – Female cap which screws onto the male pipe thread
  • BOX – Female thread on pipe
  • BOX PROTECTOR – Male cap which screws into the female pipe thread









Connection or Thread Type.
This is the design of the thread on the pipe which determines the protector. There are various designs to cater for API and proprietary connections. (See stock below)

Protector Stock

Norkram have tens of thousands of protectors in stock at any one time. We have a huge variety, ranging from 23/8” to 36” in different types, designs and manufacturers. Readily available are protectors for API tool-joints, tubing and casing plus protectors for proprietary connection manufacturers, including:

  • Vam Family from Vallourec and Sumitomo
  • NSCC, NSCT – Ex Nippon Steel
  • Fox, Bear from JFE and Hunting – Ex Kawasaki
  • 3SB, AMS, Blue, series from Tenaris
  • SLX, PH6, 500 series from Hydril/Tenaris
  • TCII, HT series from Grant Prideco
  • All sizes of API Tool Joint Protectors
  • All sizes of proprietary Tool Joint Protectors

Our stocks are constantly changing and updating. Contact us for stock, connection, and / or manufacturing queries.